List of Instructors: New Mexico


City: Farmington and Durango, CO
Name: Celeste Kalcich
As a natural birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing enthusiast since 2009, I am thrilled to offer Birth Boot Camp classes in the Four Corners area! I underwent many unnecessary interventions during my first birth in 2008 at my local hospital, and vowed to never give birth uninformed again. After reading every possible book, research paper, and article about birth I could, I became passionate about birth and child-rearing the way nature intended. My next child, a son, was born in the comfort of my own home in 2010, as well as my third child, a daughter, again in February of 2013. Since my empowering second birth, being an advocate for childbearing women has become one of my biggest passions. I ardently believes that women are endowed with the ability to birth and nurture their children when they have adequate support and information- all of which can be provided through Birth Boot Camp classes!

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Birth Boot Camp