List of Childbirth Instructors in Maryland

We have childbirth educators throughout the country. Our childbirth educators in Maryland are amazing! Reach out to them. they would love to help you and your partner learn how you can prepare for an amazing natural birth through childbirth education.


Childbirth classes in Annapolis and Stevensville, Maryland

Name: Bethany Thomas
I am a birth doula with over 8 years and 180+ births attended. I have taught Childbirth and Prenatal Education for over 5 years with different childbirth methods. I am truly excited to now teach the Birth Boot Camp course. I have been a birth worker and birth educator since I gave birth to twins in 2007 and realized through my vastly different birth experiences that your care provider, preparation and birthplace matter.  I find that every woman deserves doula support and prenatal care which is centered on education and preparation instead of risk management and protocol. I believe BBC guides a woman through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with the education she needs for her best birth.
I will be teaching classes in Annapolis, MD and Stevensville, MD on Tuesday nights and Sunday afternoons starting in May 2016.


childbirth classes in Baltimore, Maryland

Childbirth Classes in Baltimore, Maryland

Name: Carmen Calvo
I became interested in natural childbirth during my first pregnancy in 2010. My planned homebirth was derailed by the onset of pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks, resulting in a very difficult hospital induction that narrowly avoided a cesarean delivery. 14 months later, I was able to experience a triumphant and empowered homebirth and delivered a 10lb baby boy. After having a challenging postpartum experience with my first son, I chose placenta encapsulation as a means to avoid postpartum mood issues after my second birth. I was so astounded at the difference placenta encapsulation made in my postpartum recovery, I felt called to help other moms in my community experience a balanced postpartum period without the blues, anxiety, or depression. I started The Nurturing Root, serving postpartum moms in 2011. As my business has grown, I wanted to expand by adding childbirth education to my menu of services. As a birth advocate who is also passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, and attachment parenting, I knew Birth Boot Camp was the perfect fit. I am so excited to be able to educate and empower couples through childbirth classes in Baltimore, Maryland, so that they can have the birth they have been dreaming of.

childbirth classes in bowie and annapolis, maryland

Childbirth classes in Bowie and Annapolis, Maryland

Name: Lauren McClain
Every birth is a life changing event. In part because of my own three radically different birth experiences, I am pleased to offer comprehensive and personalized birth preparation classes in Bowie and Annapolis, Maryland. You only have options when you have information, and because I believe that every woman births differently, I am here to help you and your partner find and plan for your own best birth.
I have degrees in literacy and teaching, enjoy camping, garage sales, and, inexplicably, action movies. I write and maintain, a website that helps parents of breech babies make decisions about their care.

childbirth classes in the DC Metro area, Maryland

Childbirth classes in the DC Metro Area, Maryland

Name: Anna Jozefczyk
I love teaching childbirth classes in the DC Metro area of Maryland. During the birth of my second child I have experienced the highest high of my life – an incredible feeling that lingered for months and pushed me on the path of becoming a childbirth educator. Preparation was the key to my amazing birth experience and I became determined to help other women achieve the same. When looking for a suitable childbirth education coursework for certification I came across Birth Boot Camp and it fit the bill perfectly – not only does it offer comprehensive education, it also appreciates women’s innate wisdom, power and ability to birth. I have joined right in, and I’m here to tell you that You Can Have an Amazing Birth! 

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