List of Instructors: Idaho

City: Pocatello
Name: Kendra Parry
Having given birth naturally, and with a B.S. Degree in Human Development, Kendra offers both practical tools and empowering insights into the natural birth process. She believes in the capabilities of the woman’s body and is ready to share her understanding, techniques, and passion so that every mother and father can have a safe, healthy, empowering, and gratifying experience introducing their child into their family and into the world.

Klarisa Kelley WebCity: Rigby
Name: Klarisa Kelley
I have six beautiful babies. My first three were medicated, hospital births, and after some complications with the epidural the third time, I decided I wanted to have baby number four at home with a midwife. I had planned on having my last two at home, but they decided to join us a little early, so I had two natural hospital births as well. I started out as a WIC breast feeding peer councilor in 2008 after my third baby was born and became a doula in 2010. When my fifth baby was born, I was able to see what the NICU was like and when I went back to school, my original plan was to become a NICU nurse, but I kept coming back to natural child birth whenever I really thought about "what I want to be when I grow up." I am currently a student midwife with Birthrite Midwifery and loving it.

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