List of Instructors: Florida


web-CJM_5275City: Tampa (Carrollwood)
Name: Melissa Mayer
Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! My name is Melissa and I am a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Labor Doula. I live near Tampa with my husband, Philip and our toddler, Peter. I became excited about helping others have an amazing birth while I was pregnant. During that time I became consumed with learning more about pregnancy and childbirth. By the time Peter was ready to be born, I was well equipped to welcome him into the world with the support of an amazing birth team including my husband, a doula, my mom and sister. Becoming a mother transformed me; I finally found my true passion. After Peter’s birth, I knew my journey was not complete and went on to train to be a doula and Birth Boot Camp Instructor. I am thankful for the opportunity to educate, empower and encourage women in their births. Being a part of the lives of others while they experience the miracle of bringing life into the world is an honor. I always cry when I witness a birth and love hearing stories of moms and dads meeting their babies for the first time. I am looking forward to growing my own family in the future and continuing to help other women have amazing births!

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