City: Calgary, Alberta
Name: Laurie McGowan
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Education is empowering! Women have the most amazing and complex systems when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Simplicity and knowledge are the secrets to a great birth experience and beyond. Whether you are under the care of a midwife, OBGYN, or Family Doctor, I will help you ask the right questions and prepare your minds, souls, and bodies for the awesome experience of becoming a parent. I’ve experienced both a medicated birth and a natural birth with my two daughters and believe me, there was a huge difference. We were able to enjoy breastfeeding from the start and my mental health was stronger. I believe in baby wearing from birth, as well ensuring we are doing our best to keep our baby's world green with cloth diapers and carefully chosen products and gear. I’ll be teaching classes in Calgary, and the surrounding areas are more than welcome to attend!

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