Did you want to take an online class or find an instructor? If you would like to find an instructor, let us know where you are located so we can get somebody for you. If you prefer online, you can sign up at this link-http://birthbootcamp.com/online-childbirth-education-classes/register-for-online-childbirth-classes/
And congrats on the coming baby!


i am interested in joining a class. I am due October 14th and in Fort Worth.

Francesca Suarez

Hi there!

My name is Francesca Suarez and im looking for some live birth class or classes in around my area. I live in Falls Church, Virginia and would love to have you guys find someone for me if you could.
I would really appreciate it.
Best Regards,
Francesca Suarez

Jared Denman

Are there any in the Cleveland, OH area? You know… the Land of Champions.


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