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  • reply Your Natural Hospital Birth Plan is Not a Contract | Cori Gentry, Certified Childbirth Educator – Birth Boot Camp Salinas Natural Childbirth Classes ,

    […] hospital interventions, and what alternatives are available. The best way to do that is with a natural birth class. A weekend course will not give you enough information if you are planning a natural birth. One […]

    • reply Kaytlyn ,

      I would like to enroll in classes, I am due April 7th

      • reply Birthbootcamp ,

        Did you want to take an online class or find an instructor? If you would like to find an instructor, let us know where you are located so we can get somebody for you. If you prefer online, you can sign up at this link-
        And congrats on the coming baby!

      • reply Mackenzie ,

        i am interested in joining a class. I am due October 14th and in Fort Worth.

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