Breastfeeding is the ULTIMATE "Ready To Eat" meal.

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An important part of Birth Boot Camp is breastfeeding support and education. We strive to give this to all of our students and doula clients. And, because we feel it is so important, we have made our exclusive breastfeeding DVD, Breastfeeding: the Ultimate MRE, available to anyone!

Chock full of approachable, yet invaluable, information and taught by a highly trained IBCLC, Mellanie Sheppard, Breastfeeding: the Ultimate MRE is your ultimate nursing companion. With approximately 3 ½ hours of video, this professional filmed and edited DVD is one you will refer back to throughout your nursing relationship.

BREASTFEEDING: The Ultimate MRE includes:

The Ultimate MRE
  • Expert advice
  • Specific instructions on how to breastfeed
  • Tips on how to properly latch and prevent nursing pain
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk
  • Stories from moms like you!
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Info on returning to work and pumping your milk
  • Nursing in public with confidence
  • And much more!

Running time: Approx. 3 1/2 hours

Purchase your copy today for only $29.95!

*Your DVD will be shipped to the address associated with your PayPal account within 3 business days after your purchase. Please note your address and make changes, if necessary.


Purchase your copy today! Not only does it make a fabulous gift for yourself and your baby, it is the perfect baby shower gift! Give a new mom something that will actually benefit her and her baby for years to come!

(Contact us for bulk orders. They are available and a wonderful opportunity for educational organizations, birth centers, hospitals, and much more.)

Breastfeeding is beautiful

We also have a plethora of information available on our website on a variety of breastfeeding related topics.

~Check out this post from our resident lactation consultant, Mellanie Sheppard on preparing for breastfeeding.

~Learn from Mellanie what IGT or insufficient glandular tissue is and what can be done regarding your nursing relationship.

~Hear from one of our experienced instructors about her journey breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery.

~Read about some of the many breastfeeding resources available to new moms both in book, website, forum and live formats. There is so much info out there- find the best!

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We also highly recommend some other outside sources:

~La Leche League International is an incredible resource. Find one near you!

~Looking to find a knowledgeable lactation consultant in your own area? Check out this website.

~Or, would you rather communicate with our resident lactation consultant and expert IBCLC? You can find Mellanie Sheppard’s website here.

Breastfeeding can be one of the most memorable and healing parts of motherhood and a gift for the whole family. It has been shown to increase health for both mother and baby and is even financially beneficial. We want to help make your breastfeeding journey successful and enjoyable!

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


“This DVD is an essential guide to breastfeeding that every new and expectant couple should own – a comprehensive resource that doesn’t have to be read like a book! After watching this we learned SO much in preparation for my third baby. I read handfuls of books on breastfeeding before my first two babies nursed, but this information helped us beyond the others by actually helping me avoid and overcome challenges I had previously encountered. My husband understood how to encourage and help me as well! As natural as breastfeeding is supposed to be, there can still be obstacles that keep us from truly relaxing and enjoying the breastfeeding relationship with our babies. I recommend this groundbreaking DVD to ALL newly expectant couples and clients.”   R.J.
I am a BBC instructor-in-training, and I just got to watch the Breastfeeding Ultimate MRE DVD. WOW! We took another childbirth class with a really great instructor with our first child, but after having the baby, I still had tons of breastfeeding questions. As my questions came up, I would read and research the answers…I spent months learning all the information I needed to know! This ONE resource of Birth Boot Camp covers all of my questions and more! If you are an expectant family and taking a Birth Boot Camp class, you are going to be a rockstar nursing team!!” BBC Instructor In-Training
“This DVD offers extensive coverage on all topics of breastfeeding and is the ultimate resource not only for myself each time that I am going through different stages and struggles in breastfeeding, but also the absolute resource for the mothers and fathers in my childbirth education courses. As a whole it provides a great foundation for breastfeeding, and it is broken down in such a way that it is easily searchable later for breastfeeding moms to watch quick clips on topics they need information on.” T. M. Siggard
“This DVD is amazing! Everything you need to know to be successful with breastfeeding is on this DVD! Great for couples to watch together during pregnancy!” S.L.

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