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10 Things To Do When You’re Overdue

10 things to do when you're overdue

10 Things To Do When You’re Overdue- No matter how much you desire a natural birth and understand the absurdity of due dates, when you pass that 40 weeks of pregnancy mark, it is just plain HARD. Mentally, physically, and emotionally- going “overdue” is no fun. If you happen to pass that 40 week mark… Read more »

Birth Classes in Sugar Land, TX

birth classes in sugar land, tx

Birth Classes in Sugar Land, TX Today we are pleased to introduce one of our newer instructors, Rachael Bradley. Rachael is a mother, a special education teacher, and a childbirth educator in Sugar Land, TX. We immediately noticed her gentle nature at training- but behind that is a deep passion for couples and their birth… Read more »

Birth Classes in Arlington, TX

Caren Nugent, Birth Boot Camp, Fort Worth

Birth Classes in Arlington, TX We are so excited to introduce a new instructor to you, Caren Nugent. Caren teaches birth classes in Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, is a mom of two and loved her natural births. We are so grateful to have her join us. Her passion for birth is contagious and you will… Read more »

Birth Classes in Quad Cities, Iowa

Jessica Holst, Birth Boot Camp instructor, IOWA

Birth Classes in Quad Cities, Iowa We are pleased to introduce Quad City, Iowa childbirth educator, Jessica Holst to you today. A mom of six (yes, six!), who also works as a birth doula, baby wearing expert, and of course, homeschooling mom. She is incredible. We are so excited to have her on the Birth… Read more »

Breastfeeding After Cesarean

breastfeeding after cesarean

Breastfeeding After Cesarean Breastfeeding your baby is one of life’s most precious relationships. While we place a lot of emphasis on the birth (especially since birth can impact the breastfeeding relationship), no doubt, breastfeeding is an act that will take far longer and have lasting health impact for both the mother and her baby. Breastfeeding… Read more »

Your Birth Matters

your birth matters

Your Birth Matters “I transformed after birth…I became a mother. It was the scariest yet most joyful feeling I’d ever experienced.” ~Laurie McGowan, prenatal educator and doula in Calgary, Alberta Birth matters deeply for every person involved- the mother, her partner and even their baby. In many ways the impact of childbirth is totally unknown… Read more »

Houston Birth Class

Houston Birth Class

Houston Birth Class Kristi Keen is one of our fabulous Birth Boot Camp instructors and doulas living, teaching, and supporting women in birth in Houston and Sugarland Texas. There are a lot of us instructors and doulas these days, but Kristi manages to be everybody’s sweetheart. We love this girl. And you will too. Take… Read more »

Birth Class-It’s Not Just For Moms!

Birth Class- It's Not Just For Moms

Birth Class-It’s Not Just For Moms! Some pregnant women might wonder why their partner, who is decidedly NOT pregnant, should have a birth class. And some partners might wonder why they need to learn all this stuff when they will not be giving birth. Oh, but the partner DOES need a birth class, perhaps even… Read more »

Birth Classes in Houston, TX

birth classes in houston, TX

Birth Classes in Houston, TX Kacy Bunte is one of our treasured instructors for Birth Boot Camp. As this company grows and the women who join us increase, we are constantly amazed at the unique talents that each of them bring to the table. Kacy creates so many incredible games and class additions that she… Read more »

Family Centered Cesarean

family centered cesarean

Family Centered Cesarean The practice of family-centered cesarean (also known as “gentle cesarean”) is becoming more widely talked about in the birth community as well as mainstream media outlets. We are excited to see this shift towards a gentler cesarean because it indicates a shift to mother-centered care that better supports her and her family… Read more »