New and Updated Online Childbirth Classes

Birth Boot Camp talk show
Donna Ryan (right), founder of Birth Boot Camp, and Sarah Clark during the filming of the new and updated online classes.

Yes, you heard that right: we have completely updated our online classes! We loved the original birth classes featuring Donna Ryan, but felt it was time to mix things up. Our online childbirth classes are not just a few handouts that you print off yourself with some articles to read, they are literally HOURS of streaming video with a beautiful workbook included. By the time you are done, you will feel as though you know your instructors!

The new classes are even more fun and entertaining. Featuring Donna Ryan with her trusty sidekick, Sarah Clark (Board Member and writer over at the Mama Birth blog), the new childbirth classes feature a morning talk-show style. Donna and Sarah chat together about the things that matter most as you prepare for your birth.

They are joined by dozens of couples, women, care providers and experts telling their stories in a professional, documentary-style video.

We have also added weekly “comfort techniques” led by Sarah. After most classes you can watch a few minutes where she walks you and your partner through some comfort techniques to use in labor. These are fun, interactive, and helpful in confidence-building as you prepare for your birth. These further supplement the many color photos included in your “Field Manual” that comes with your online class.

In addition, we have fully expanded our pregnancy exercise videos. Led by our resident fitness expert, Katie Dudley, the exercise videos are found throughout the series. They include more exercises, stretches, ideas, and pain-reducing foam rolling. You will love this program! We strongly believe that this program is another piece in the puzzle that can help you prepare for your birth. It’s like having a pregnancy personal trainer all to yourself.

The classes also have additional birth videos. We seek to constantly update and add diverse birth videos to our library. We want women to see a variety of births in a variety of places with all different kinds of women birthing their own way. Have your tissues handy, because these birth videos will show you the beauty and hard work inherent in birth.

We couldn’t update the classes and not update the workbook to go along with it. Your workbook, or “Field Manual”, as we like to call it, is over 170 full-color pages of concise birth information and at-home work The recently expanded “Chow Chart” includes so much more than nutrition and gives you a chance to record not just what you eat but all the other things that go into your day and your pregnancy.

We can’t wait to have you join us! If you aren’t pregnant but want to share the happiness that your fabulous natural birth has brought, sign up to become a Birth Boot Camp instructor. Our team of amazing women are changing birth across the country, one couple at a time. Or, if you prefer, we are now training doulas! Supporting families as a doula is deeply satisfying work that changes your life and the lives of others.

There are so many wonderful things going on, we invite you to be a part of them!

Join us!

Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark at a recent Birth Boot Camp instructor training in Indiana.

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