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Birth Classes in Quad Cities, Iowa

Jessica Holst, Birth Boot Camp instructor, IOWA

Birth Classes in Quad Cities, Iowa We are pleased to introduce Quad City, Iowa childbirth educator, Jessica Holst to you today. A mom of six (yes, six!), who also works as a birth doula, baby wearing expert, and of course, homeschooling mom. She is incredible. We are so excited to have her on the Birth… Read more »

Breastfeeding After Cesarean

breastfeeding after cesarean

Breastfeeding After Cesarean Breastfeeding your baby is one of life’s most precious relationships. While we place a lot of emphasis on the birth (especially since birth can impact the breastfeeding relationship), no doubt, breastfeeding is an act that will take far longer and have lasting health impact for both the mother and her baby. Breastfeeding… Read more »

Childbirth Classes in Tampa, FL

Birth classes in Odessa, FL

Childbirth Classes in Tampa, FL We are thrilled to introduce Melissa to you. Melissa attended one of our earliest trainings and works as a childbirth educator in the Tampa area of Florida. She is amazing, knowledgeable and gentle. You will adore being in her classes! Enjoy! First, could you introduce yourself? Tell us a little… Read more »

Childbirth Educator Training Highlights, October 2015

Childbirth Educator Training, October 2015

Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator Training Highlights, October 2015 We just finished up training our newest batch of childbirth educators and we are so excited to introduce them to you! We had women from all over the country join us in this big group and they are going to be incredible. It is so inspiring… Read more »

Your Birth Matters

your birth matters

Your Birth Matters “I transformed after birth…I became a mother. It was the scariest yet most joyful feeling I’d ever experienced.” ~Laurie McGowan, prenatal educator and doula in Calgary, Alberta Birth matters deeply for every person involved- the mother, her partner and even their baby. In many ways the impact of childbirth is totally unknown… Read more »