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Childbirth Education Training Sale!

Now is a great time to apply to become a Natural Childbirth Educator through Birth Boot Camp! In celebration of 12/12/12 and our excitement for the upcoming New Year, we are running a sale on our Instructor Certification Program.

All approved instructor applicants who pay their fees in full between now and December 21st will receive $112 off! That means you will pay $663 instead of $775!

Apply today to begin your journey with the most comprehensive, natural childbirth education method available.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact us.


“After the natural birth of my second child, I knew I wanted to be a childbirth educator. However, I couldn’t find a childbirth class that I could get behind 100%. When Birth Boot Camp launched, I knew I had finally found a program that I wanted to share with expectant couples. It’s fun, fresh and really appeals to dads. Birth Boot Camp covers it ALL – nothing is left out. Look no further!”  ~ Dani Long, BBCI
“The course is comprehensive and thorough.  The material is evidence based and well researched.  And…the marketing team and instructor support is outstanding.  Everyone on the Advisory Board really believes in helping women and families and it shows in their work.”  ~ Ashleigh Trimble, BBCI

Baby Evie is HERE! Congrats to Glimmer & Gilroy from the North Pole

Our very first couple from the North Pole had their baby and are so sweet to share their pregnancy and birth story with us. These are the birth pictures and you can find pregnancy, maternity, and newborn/welcome home/ nursing pics in separate posts. If you would like to hear Glimmer’s full birth story – please comment and let her know!

Here’s a note from mama Glimmer:
I feel like the luckiest elf in the world today! I had an amazing unmedicated waterbirth at the Ye Olde Birth Center at the North Pole. My midwife Mrs. Claus was such a sweet lady, so incredibly competent and well trained when things got tough and I am thankful she told me about your program. Our Birth Boot Camp instructor, while she was a Nutcracker, was an inspiration! Anyone who can have a natural birth with no flexible parts is just amazing. And her knowledge was top notch.

I’ve included a link to our slide show, and some pictures that weren’t in the slide show (we even got a placenta print! How cool!)

I’ll try to write up my birth story soon for your blog. Merry Christmas everyone!! ~Glimmer Van Frost

All photos copyright BMJ Events, 2012, our Fort Worth Birth and Newborn Photographer

Slide Show:


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