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Birth Boot Camp Has Launched A New Website!

Our updated logo, now your HEADQUARTERS for natural birth!

There are lots of changes going on around here at Birth Boot Camp Headquarters, and it is very exciting! We want to take a moment to show you around our brand new website. We have added lots of things, so take a little tour with us. There is so much to see!

-Updated Classes-

We’ve completely re-recorded all of our online classes! The response has been great already. Of the changes, one student said,

“Birth Boot Camp online classes completely changed their videos in the last week! It’s even better now!… I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised with everything. I’m pretty well-versed in prenatal care and L&D, and I learn something every week in the class.”

What has changed?

Screenshot 2014-08-18 at 10.04.21 AM
Donna and Sarah during filming of the new online birth classes.

-Donna Ryan has been joined by Sarah Clark as your hosts, morning-talk-show style! Conversational and fun, classes are entertaining to watch.

-Comfort measures have been added so that you can learn more hands-on labor techniques for you and your partner.

-We have completely revamped and expanded our exercise and nutrition information from Katie Dudley. You will love it! It feels like you have your own personal pregnancy trainer.

Onesies for your sweet little one on our store!

-Updated workbooks to go along with the classes take everything up a notch and keep you at the top of your game, all while involving your partner.

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-Birth Boot Camp Store-

Need swag? We love swag and we have it! Cups, shirts, camo or limegreen foam rollers, hoodies and tons more. Did we mention Birth Boot Camp onesies for that sweet little one?

We also have our Amazon store available for you to peruse. There are so many resources out there about childbirth but it can be hard to dredge through all of them and find the best ones. We have done the work for you!

-Free Nutrition E-Book-

You will love the Birth Boot Camp Nutrition eBook. It has recipes, snack ideas, tips and much more for you as you prepare to have the best pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Even if you aren’t ready to take a class, you can get your eBook and learn things that can help you early on in your pregnancy.

-Testimonials Page-

In the few years that we have been around, we have been privileged to receive many Birth Boot Camp testimonials. Birth experts and celebrities, doctors, professionals, but most important to us, our students, have said some wonderful things about us. We are thrilled to share them with you.

We are now training doulas!

-DOULA Program!-

You read that right — Birth Boot Camp isn’t just a childbirth education company anymore. We have launched an amazing doula program! Birth Boot Camp DOULA is training the best doulas on the planet specifically ready to support you (and that fabulous partner of yours) in the natural birth you desire. They really deserve a whole blog post of their own, so if you want to learn more, check this one out written by founder Donna Ryan.

-Breastfeeding Resources-

Breastfeeding has always been an important part of Birth Boot Camp. In fact, one of the reasons we feel so passionate about natural birth is that we feel that it can help prepare you for a better and easier start to breastfeeding.

We have added a section on the website dedicated just to breastfeeding. With gorgeous pictures, links to resources and blog posts, and a purchase option for our breastfeeding DVD, Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE, this is a wonderful resource for breastfeeding mamas.

-”Find a Live Class” Interactive Page-

We have instructors across America and in two other countries! Now you can find your birth teacher in a gorgeous interactive map. Their biographies are being updated as we speak and you can learn more about the local women who can help you prepare for the amazing birth you desire!

-Social Media Buttons-

We are working hard to represent natural birth all over the internet. At the top of our new website are all of our social media buttons. From our growing Instagram account to the rocking land of Tumblr, come find us! Interact and stay up to date on all the happenings.


There is always lots going on with Birth Boot Camp all around the country. With instructor-led “Meet & Greets” to doula and instructor training, keep up with us via our new and constantly updated calendar on the right sidebar.

-Other updates to take note of include:

Updated FAQ page for the Education, Online Classes, and Birth Boot Camp DOULAS. Check out the Advisory Board page, Field Manual preview and much more. Poke around, get lost, learn tons about natural birth. And don’t forget our blog! With frequent guest and celebrity posts, plus our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors, there is loads of information to supplement your class and your learning.

Welcome to Birth Boot Camp Headquarters and thanks for joining us!


Birth Boot Camp Announces …. Birth Boot Camp DOULA

Birth Boot Camp has been growing and maturing and we couldn’t be happier with our journey so far. Today we have a special guest post and announcement by our very own founder, Donna Ryan. Keep reading to find out the next project we are embarking on in our mission to help prepare couples for natural birth! Read more


Birth Boot Camp Statistics 2012-2013

Birth Boot Camp® childbirth classes strive to prepare couples for natural birth. In an effort to continually improve our curriculum and provide the absolute best education available, we seek feedback from our students.

Our instructors are required to compile statistics from their students. As a company, we spend many hours reaching out to our online students to find out how their births went and their thoughts on the class. We compile all of the information we receive and use it to make updates and improvements. Read more

Instructor Spotlight: Rachel Johnson

The backbone of Birth Boot Camp lies in our amazing instructors. Our natural birth instructors can now be found from coast to coast and more are training all the time. We love working with these wonderful women and watching them change lives through education. Today we are featuring an interview with one of our earliest trainees about what being a Birth Boot Camp Instructor means to her. (And if you can’t find an instructor close enough to you for a live, our online natural birth classes are available virtually anywhere around the world.)

What got you interested in becoming a natural childbirth educator?
During our first pregnancy we went through 10 weeks of live natural childbirth classes by Birth Boot Camp founder, Donna Ryan. She gave me and my husband accurate, up to date information. We were able to take what we had learned and decide what was best for our pregnancy and baby. We have been married for 8 years and have had three fabulous home births! These experiences inspired me to help make natural childbirth education available for everyone, because it brought reassurance and confidence for some of the most meaningful moments of my life.

There are lots of different birth educator training programs out there. Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp?
I was impressed with Birth Boot Camp materials! They have created an outstanding teacher curriculum, Student Field Manual, and extensive breastfeeding DVD built on a foundation of truth and excellence. Students benefit from the treasury of information that reflect cutting edge statistics and the very best in natural childbirth education.

What most impressed you about the Birth Boot Camp training?
During instructor training I was most impressed with the way that the Birth Boot Camp Advisory Board was determined to serve us and wanted to see us succeed! The marketing training has help me beyond what I could have imagined. I love team teaching as it gave us hands on experience in the art of communicating natural birth knowledge and content to prepare us for teaching live classes. (Part of every training is an opportunity for the instructors to teach to the group.)

How is teaching your own classes going for you? What do you enjoy most about it?
It has been very rewarding teaching live classes and it’s going really well! I started teaching live classes almost immediately after certification, about a month later. Many couples have gone through my classes already.

Tell us a little about your students. Can you see how having a comprehensive natural childbirth education is positively impacting their birth experiences?
My students occupations range from Balloon Artist to Police Officer and everything in between. They have had births in hospitals, birth centers and at home. Several dads told me at the end of the first or second class night something like, “I thought this was going to be boring, but it turns out you make it fun and I actually look forward to class each week.” Students have made friendships that lasted beyond class and I enjoy keeping up with my students as we formed great friendships as well. One of my amazing moms said, “Our Birth Boot Camp classes really helped me achieve such a redeeming childbirth experience in-contrast with my first three births.”

We would love it if you would share (with permission) with us your favorite student birth experience so far.
Student Birth Story: Baby Axle’s Birth Story (Attachment written by my student, given with permission and pictures with permission as well!)

To close, tell us how you see natural childbirth education changing lives and birth in the world.
Women everywhere are becoming more aware that they have choices when it comes to having their babies. Mothers often choose to deliver naturally because they have been educated and embrace the idea that giving birth is a normal, beautiful, and physiological process.

Rachel Johnson is a Birth Boot Camp instructor in Fort Worth, Texas. She is due to have her third baby at home any day. She took her first childbirth class from Birth Boot Camp founder Donna Ryan. As a passionate teacher, she has guided many couples on their journey to a joyful, natural birth experience.
For more information about her Fort Worth natural birth classes click here.
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