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City: Toronto and Guelph, Ontario

Name: Gabriela Wilkon
My name is Gabriela Wilkon. I have always been fascinated with the human body. After completing an Honours degree in Health Science and Kinesiology, I got a taste of the wonder, order and strength of the body. When I experienced a repetitive strain injury from treeplanting I practiced yoga slowly and continuously at home, this is what got me walking pain free again. Years later when I was pregnant, I had an intuitive knowledge that with support I could birth at home. I am now the mother to two wild, happy boys, 2 years apart, that were both born at home with midwives. Alongside natural childbirth, I also practice Holographic Kinetics, which deals with clearing fear and trauma from past experiences that may come up during or be caused by childbirth. My goal is to empower couples with the education, tools and nurturing environment they need to have a satisfying pregnancy and a love-filled birth.  Birth can be transformative and empowering.
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