Birth classes in Odessa, FL

Childbirth Classes in Tampa, FL

Childbirth Classes in Tampa, FL We are thrilled to introduce Melissa to you. Melissa attended one of our earliest trainings and works as a childbirth educator in the Tampa area of Florida. She is amazing, knowledgeable and gentle. You will adore being in her classes! Enjoy! First, could you introduce yourself? Tell us a little… Read more »

Childbirth Educator Training, October 2015

Childbirth Educator Training Highlights, October 2015

Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator Training Highlights, October 2015 We just finished up training our newest batch of childbirth educators and we are so excited to introduce them to you! We had women from all over the country join us in this big group and they are going to be incredible. It is so inspiring… Read more »

your birth matters

Your Birth Matters

Your Birth Matters “I transformed after birth…I became a mother. It was the scariest yet most joyful feeling I’d ever experienced.” ~Laurie McGowan, prenatal educator and doula in Calgary, Alberta Birth matters deeply for every person involved- the mother, her partner and even their baby. In many ways the impact of childbirth is totally unknown… Read more »

why women love thier midwives

Why Women Love Their Midwives

Midwives are an incredible part of low-risk prenatal and birth care. Whether you are preparing for a home birth, a birth center, or hospital birth, midwives are often a valid option. Trained in the art of normal birth, a midwife brings a special set of skills to maternity care. Many home birth midwives still visit women… Read more »

prenatal education in calgary, alberta, canada

Prenatal Education in Calgary, Alberta

Prenatal Education in Calgary, Alberta It is hard to express how excited we were at Birth Boot Camp when we had our first Canadian instructors certify. Woohoo! We were suddenly international! One of these very special “international” Birth Boot Camp instructors is Laurie McGowan who is teaching prenatal education in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we are so thrilled… Read more »

birth classes in Lafayette, LA

Birth Classes In Lafayette, LA

Birth Classes in Lafayette, LA We are excited to introduce another fabulous Birth Boot Camp instructor to you! Maryellen teaches birth classes in Lafayette, LA and she is also a birth doula with us. Louisiana is growing like crazy and we know these amazing women will  make a difference there. Maryellen is incredible and we… Read more »

All Time Favorite Birth Videos

All Time Favorite Birth Videos

All Time Favorite Birth Videos We consider birth videos to be an imperative part of childbirth education. It is so much easier to understand birth and know what to expect if you have seen and heard what is normal for other women- the more the better- because we all birth a little different. Here are… Read more »

Houston Birth Class

Houston Birth Class

Houston Birth Class Kristi Keen is one of our fabulous Birth Boot Camp instructors and doulas living, teaching, and supporting women in birth in Houston and Sugarland Texas. There are a lot of us instructors and doulas these days, but Kristi manages to be everybody’s sweetheart. We love this girl. And you will too. Take… Read more »

Birth Class- It's Not Just For Moms

Birth Class-It’s Not Just For Moms!

Birth Class-It’s Not Just For Moms! Some pregnant women might wonder why their partner, who is decidedly NOT pregnant, should have a birth class. And some partners might wonder why they need to learn all this stuff when they will not be giving birth. Oh, but the partner DOES need a birth class, perhaps even… Read more »

reboot: the birth boot camp refresher class

Reboot: The Birth Boot Camp Refresher Class

Reboot: The Birth Boot Camp Refresher Class At Birth Boot Camp we strive to help prepare couples for natural births through childbirth education (and doulas!) Every birth matters and merits the time and energy required to prepare for it. Birth Boot Camp childbirth educators offer in-person childbirth education in two ways. First, and most commonly,… Read more »

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