Childbirth Education in Corvallis, Oregon

Today we are excited to introduce one of our first childbirth educators that trained with us- Melissa Meyer. We liked Melissa so much, that we made her an instructor trainer! Well, actually our instructor trainers apply and complete rigorous requirements, but we were so excited to have her apply! Not only does she help couples… Read more »

Preparing For Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training

Preparing for Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training! Do you want to teach birth and change the world one couple at a time? Our passion for helping couples have great birth experiences is what binds us together at Birth Boot Camp and it’s a beautiful thing! We are so excited to have you joining us and we… Read more »

Free Visual Birth Plan Download

Free Visual Birth Plan Download An integral part of your childbirth preparation is thinking about and executing a birth plan that works for you and communicates your needs with your birth team in a respectful but straightforward manner. Making a birth plan is so important to us that we have a class in our 10… Read more »

the truth about episiotomy

The Truth About Episiotomy

The Truth About Episiotomy- Episiotomy is a cut to the tissue between the vagina and the anus, also called the perineum. Done typically with scissors, episiotomy is considered one of the more common surgeries performed on women, happening in about 12% of births.(1) Because of the continued, though dropping prevalence of episiotomy during childbirth, it’s… Read more »

Our Favorite Books For Childbirth Educators

Our Favorite Books For Childbirth Educators

Our Favorite Books For Childbirth Educators We gathered a group of birth experts together to help us choose the required reading for our childbirth educators. Their selections are amazing and we highly recommend them. Reading all of these books is a big commitment, but it will give the reader a well rounded basis from which… Read more »

Six Steps for Planning Your VBAC

Six Key Steps for Planning to Rock a VBAC Planning for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) shouldn’t be that big of deal, but it is. While proven to be incredibly safe, achieving a VBAC can be an uphill battle requiring intense commitment and dedication. You wouldn’t show up for your wedding without doing a… Read more »

What to expect your first week with baby

What to Expect Your First Week With Baby

Your baby is born. You are finally home and snuggled up together. Your body feels different than it ever has before. Your baby is a fascinating creature- once part of you, now separate, but not quite… Intense. Overwhelming. Beautiful. Sacred. The first days with baby and with your new and still changing body are all… Read more »

Top Tips & Tricks for Dealing With Mastitis

Top Tips & Tricks for Dealing With Mastitis

Mastitis, once experienced, is feared by any nursing mother. Mastitis is by definition a breast infection and symptoms can include redness, pain, swelling, a lump, heat, streaking redness on the surface of the skin that extends out from the painful area, and fever and lethargy. Mastitis is painful and just feels awful. Mastitis can be… Read more »

10 things to do when you're overdue

10 Things To Do When You’re Overdue

10 Things To Do When You’re Overdue- No matter how much you desire a natural birth and understand the absurdity of due dates, when you pass that 40 weeks of pregnancy mark, it is just plain HARD. Mentally, physically, and emotionally- going “overdue” is no fun. If you happen to pass that 40 week mark… Read more »

top 10 reasons to certify with Birth Boot Camp

Top 10 Reasons To Certify With Birth Boot Camp

Top 10 Reasons to Certify with Birth Boot Camp Birth Boot Camp brings the benefits of technology and the need for human touch together in a unique childbirth education program that helps couples achieve the natural birth they desire. In addition, our childbirth educator certification program is like none other. Here are a few of… Read more »

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