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Common Swelling in Pregnancy

Some minor swelling in pregnancy is not uncommon for women, especially in the final trimester. Any swelling should be discussed with your care provider as it can, in rare instances, indicate a bigger problem. Typical swelling, however, can be relieved with a few simple tips.

  • Exercise~ Light exercise like walking, swimming or yoga can help with blood flow and relieve the swelling in the feet so common in the end of pregnancy. Though it may be difficult to muster the energy to get outside or get up and be active, it can really be worth it for the relief it brings.
  • Healthy eating~ Eating a balanced diet that includes healthy protein, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and which avoids any processed foods or sugars can also alleviate excessive swelling. In fact, when your diet is this healthy, it is often fine to salt your food to taste since you will be avoiding overly salted processed foods.
  • Pelvic rocking~ Many women find that the simple exercise known as pelvic rocking can help with better circulation while pregnant. Ask your childbirth educator how to do this exercise properly. She can train both you and your partner in good technique.

With care, effort and proper education, even the common complaints of pregnancy can be eased.

Why a live training?

We are so happy at the interest people have shown in becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor!  We have had people travel from all over the country to attend our instructor training workshops in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Often, we are asked why we don't do "online instructor training."

We are a company specializing in natural birth classes accessible online, so the request makes sense.  Birth Boot Camp will always teach live instructor trainings and there is good reason for that.  Let us tell you why.

The Birth Boot Camp instructor training workshops are unique in many ways.

They aren't put on by one or two people, they are run by members of our board with various skills and responsibilities within the company.  Donna Ryan (our founder) and Sarah Clark do the bulk of the teacher training that concerns HOW you TEACH a class.  Donna and Sarah are both experienced natural birth instructors with very different teaching styles.  Their relationship with one another along with their different teaching styles compliment each other and show that all different personalities can be effective teachers.

April Francom spends time explaining all of the administrative details that are required when joining our team as an instructor. This includes how to access and utilize all of the resources that we offer.  She helps guide all of our applicants through the certification process and helps them with re-certification each year, as well.

We are very proud to offer our instructors training and support in marketing their new business. Shannon Blackwell is a marketing professional specializing in non-profit and small business marketing.  She gives our instructors information and keys to making their business a success.  Shannon's experience and knowledge help all of our instructors hit the ground running as they build their own childbirth business.

One of the favorite aspects of our training is that every future instructor has the opportunity to actually teach. We all take a moment to teach and evaluate each other.  This isn't scary- it is helpful!  Training is a safe place to get your feet wet and get recommendations from other experienced teachers.  There is no way we could do this part of training online.

At some point during the weekend, each instructor has a professional head shot taken for our website and their own, personal use. It is a little thing, but we love the professional polish that these incredible pictures give our instructors.

Last, but not least, each instructor is required to pass a written exam before becoming certified.

Could we create an online, virtual training? Yes, but that would lesson the program that we are offering.  We want to meet our instructors. We want them to meet us.  We want to shake your hand, look you in the eye and have a personal connection with every single person who calls themselves a Birth Boot Camp Instructor.  That might sound funny coming from an childbirth method with an online component, but it is the truth.  One of the reasons we are so busy training instructors is so that MORE families in MORE places have access to live and in-person childbirth education that is up-to-date and comprehensive.  It simply can't be found everywhere.

So, if you are curious about why you should bother flying or driving a long distance for childbirth educator training, those are a few of the reasons.  We would love to meet you and have you join our team.  Did we mention?  Our first California training is going to be held this September in San Clemente!

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