The Birth Boot Camp Instructor Certification is valid for one year and re-certification is required prior to expiration. Active Birth Boot Camp Instructors are listed on the website.

  1. Attend 3 different types of local community groups that support natural birth and attachment parenting (i.e. La Leche League, MEND, WIC, ICAN, Holistic Moms Network, cloth diapering group, a local birth network, a babywearing group, postpartum support group, etc.) Submit a short paragraph for each group detailing how they support the community and how to become involved.
  2. Read 2 books of your choice (making sure the topic is birth, pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding, etc.) and submit a list of 3-5 things you learned from each book and how that knowledge will help you to be a better Birth Boot Camp Instructor.
  3. Update your list of community resources. Include 10-15 categories (i.e. midwives, doulas, OBs, pediatricians) with at least 3 providers in each category.
  4. Instructors agree to submit a minimum of 80% of their students’ anonymous Birth Reports.
  5. A minimum of one live class series must be completed each year.
  6. Submit your completed paperwork and payment of $125 by the last day of your certification month (the month you attended the training workshop).

* All paperwork should be submitted by email to

* Payment can be made via PayPal to

* Payment can also be made by check, mailed to Birth Boot Camp PO BOX 1874  Mansfield, TX 76063


  • A $50 late fee will be charged, if payment is not received on or before your re-certification month is over.
  • If forms and payment are late, you will be removed from all online instructor materials (website, FB group, store, instructor website, email, etc.) until all requirements are complete.
  • If you have circumstances that are not allowing you to complete these requirements, please contact April so that we can discuss how we can support you as an instructor.
  • A 6 month extension on starting a class can be given, if needed. Approval for this is individual and dependent upon individual circumstances.
  • If you choose not to re-certify on your appointed date, you have three years from that time to submit your payment, late fee, and paperwork. After three years have passed, you will be required to attend an instructor training workshop. The fee for this workshop will be 50% off of the current pricing.

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