Yearly ReCertification

Yearly Recertification

The Birth Boot Camp DOULA Certification is valid for one year and recertification is required prior to expiration. Birth Boot Camp DOULA values continuing education and current certification as part of the doula profession. Just as other professionals are expected to be current with the latest research and publications and hold current annual certification or licensing, so too are Birth Boot Camp DOULAS. Knowing the latest in evidence based practice, being familiar with recent publications in our field, and seeking to continuously better ourselves as professionals and business owners is imperative to success.This enables you to gain respect in your community and further your ability to build professional contacts and grow your business. Active Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are listed on the website. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are expected to continually be seeking professional development and will complete 10 continuing education hours each year.

  1. Attend 3 different types of local community groups that support natural birth and/or attachment parenting (i.e. La Leche League, MEND, WIC, ICAN, Holistic Moms Network, cloth diapering group, a local birth network, a babywearing group, postpartum support group, etc.)
    • Submit a short paragraph for each group detailing how they support the community and your clients and how to become involved. This will comprise three continuing education hours/year.
  2. Read 2 books of your choice (making sure the topic is birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, or parenting) and submit a book review.. This will comprise 2 continuing education hours/year.
  3. The remaining five continuing education hours may be comprised of Q&As, Evidence Based Birth Courses and approved workshops, events and classes pertaining to the scope of practice of doulas and other business or marketing skills pertaining to running a successful doula business.
  4. Attend at least one birth that is or was an attempted natural birth ( i.e. not a elective cesarean or planned epidural).
  5. Update your list of community resources.  Include 10-15 categories (i.e. Birth Boot Camp Instructors, midwives, OBs, pediatricians, IBCLCs, chiropractors, holistic practitioners, etc)
  6. Doulas agree to submit a minimum of 80% of their clients’ anonymous Birth Reports for statistical purposes for Birth Boot Camp at large.
  7. Submit your completed paperwork and payment of $125* by the anniversary of your certification month.
    • All paperwork should be submitted by email to
    • Payment can be made via PayPal to
    • Payment can also be made by check, mailed to Birth Boot Camp PO BOX 1874  Mansfield, TX 76063

Allow up to 2 weeks for the processing of your completed recertification information.


  • A $50 late fee will be charged if forms and payment are not received on or before your recertification month is over.
  • If forms and/or payment are late, your name will be removed from the website until all requirements are complete.
  • If you are also a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, you will receive a $25 discount on both of your yearly recertifications.

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