Certification Requirements

All requirements must be completed prior to attending the workshop.

1. Register for Birth Boot Camp DOULA training. Please register as soon as possible, to ensure that you have enough time to complete the requirements.

2. Pay your required fees in order to secure a spot in the workshop you choose to attend.

3. Complete the pre-workshop study guide.

4. Complete, pass, and purchase the certificate for one of the following Bloodborne Pathogens Classes listed below.  After successful completion, you will receive an e-mail letting you that you passed, and will then need to purchase the certificate.  Forward the certificate, and include your name and the workshop date you will be attending, to doulacertification@birthbootcamp.com.  An e-mail confirmation that you completed the course is not sufficient.

  1. OSHA ($13 certificate fee)

  2. American Red Cross ($25 certificate fee)

5. Watch the 10-week Birth Boot Camp childbirth education series including Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE video. (This requirement is waived for current Birth Boot Camp Instructors.) Complete the questions for each class, located at the end of this study guide. You will have a 5-week period once you request access to the online classes via certification@birthbootcamp.com to complete the classes and paperwork. This is to be turned in with your other paperwork two weeks before your workshop.

6. Complete required reading* and movie list. For each book, briefly describe how the information from the book will help you as a doula.  We suggest you skim over the questions on this Study Guide prior to reading, as they will help guide you and make answering the questions easier.


The following texts are suggested, but not required for certification:

*Reading List Tips:  This list can be separated into two groups: Lighter Reading and Heavier Reading.  It’s tempting to read the books off the lighter list first, but we recommend mixing them up and alternating between the two lists.

Heavier Reading - Mothering the New Mother, When Survivors Give Birth

Lighter Reading - Cut, Stapled and Mended, Lean In, and Baby Catcher

When reading from the heavier list, bear in mind that it is NOT important to memorize every detail.  It is more important that you gain an understanding of the material as a whole, and learn to identify when you need to refer to it.

7. Purchase and familiarize yourself with the following required reference materials:

Focus on gaining a good idea of what each book is, what’s in it, and how to use it as a reference.

8. Attend two of the same breastfeeding support groups consecutively, to observe the progression and observable growth of the new mothers.

9. Compile a list of community resources.

(Steps 5-9 must be completed and submitted to doulacertification@birthbootcamp.com NO LATER than 2-weeks prior to the workshop date.)

10. Attend all sessions of the Birth Boot Camp DOULA Training Workshop.

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