Become A Doula FAQ

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.


Who wrote this program and teaches the trainings?

The founder of Birth Boot Camp, Donna Ryan, hand-picked two doulas who own thriving doula businesses to write the Birth Boot Camp Doula program. Their business models are different from one another, and for this reason, they bring unique qualities to the table.

Amanda Devereux lives and works in New Orleans where she is a wife and mother to three children. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has worked in Labor and Delivery and Mother/Baby Units, but her passion has been professional doula work since 2009. She co-founded Nola Nesting with a fellow Doula in order to work more closely with highly professional doulas and to make navigating preparations for birth and postpartum easier for her clients. She is involved in her birth community in many capacities, working with professionals as well as new parents. Amanda is a Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Happiest Baby Educator.

Maria Pokluda has been a doula serving the Dallas-Ft. Worth area since 2004. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters Degree in Political Science. While not working in the political arena, she does appreciate her statistics classes as she researches evidence-based practices in maternity care. In the last 10 years, Maria has attended hundreds of births, and in 2014 she was voted Best Doula by North Texas Child Magazine. Maria founded and currently helps lead Dallas BirthNetwork. She has been an active member of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) and helps lead a large VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and cesarean support group. Maria has been married nearly 20 years and has 4 children, each with a very different birth story ranging from one with all the “bells and whistles” in a hospital to a homebirth. 

How do I get clients?

Birth Boot Camp strives to help our DOULAS fill their schedules. We have an accessible and searchable website where all of our DOULAS are listed. Your training covers not just how to work as a DOULA, but also includes a segment from a marketing professional on self-promotion, including the use of social media. Much of your work will be in your own community. We encourage you to contact other birth professionals and be part of the local community resources like La Leche League or Birth Networks.

What if I’m certified with another doula certifying body?

Yes, you may be certified through (approved) organizations, as this does not alter the Birth Boot Camp DOULAtification requirements. While you may hold another certification, you may not list it on our website or any Birth Boot Camp branded materials, such as business cards or brochures. We are confident that once you have been to training and see all Birth Boot Camp DOULA has to offer you will be able to answer this question yourself!

What if I can’t attend the workshop I am registered for?

If you desire to change your specified training date, a $100 fee will be applied. This $100 fee must be paid in order to reserve the a spot in the newly chosen workshop. If you are not able to attend a workshop within 12 months, all fees are forfeited.

How long should I allow myself to complete my pre-workshop study guide?

You know yourself better than anyone. Consider the following: do you have small children, do you have a job outside the home, are you a fast/slow reader, are you already a birth professional? There are many books to be read, and you will spend several hours typing your study guide. Most people need several months to complete the required work, but if you have read several of the books previously, are a birth professional, or don’t have many distractions in your life, you may be able to get through the requirements faster. We know it is a lot of work but our DOULAS are able to hit the ground running because they truly “know their stuff.”

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

A laptop/iPad/tablet to take notes and to take the exam, 2 bed pillows, comfortable clothing, a rebozo, a jacket or sweater, your own snacks and beverages.

How long do I have to complete my certification?

Keep in mind that there is a significant amount of work involved in this training. After you have registered, allow yourself plenty of time to complete all certification requirements. The study guide and all other paperwork must be submitted two weeks before the workshop. Once you attend the workshop and pass the exam, you are fully certified and ready to go.

When is my recertification due?

Recertification is due each year on the anniversary of your certification exam date.

Can I make payments?

You have a couple of choices: 1) Pay in full and receive a $25 discount; or 2) Pay your deposit of $150 and set up a payment plan for the remaining balance (full payment must be received no later than two weeks prior to your workshop). Payment plans will be set up through our DOULA Certification Coordinator. Please note that payment plans will add an additional 5% to your total fees.

How much do I charge for doula services?

We recommend a reduced rate of $300 for your first births.  You will need to familiarize yourself with your market, and you will leave training with an understanding of how to do this. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are professional doulas who understand their worth, value themselves and their work, know their target market and are running successful businesses. You will have knowledge, expertise and confidence right out of the gate. Offering a reduced rate while you gain real birth experience is a great way to value yourself, build your client base and further your professional connections. As experience is gained, Birth Boot Camp DOULAS will feel confident increasing their rate. We recommend a professional rate of at least $700, but you will need to have an understanding of your market.  Birth Boot Camp DOULAS agree to no predatory pricing, meaning that Birth Boot Camp DOULAS will not set pricing with the intent to undercut others in their area.

Can I bring my baby to the workshop?

We encourage long term breastfeeding and want nursing mothers to be included. Training, however, is intensive and requires long hours and a quiet room so that all who have invested their time and money can hear and participate. Training also requires that all be able to participate in relaxation and various other floor exercises. If you are nursing a baby or child you must have someone with you who can bring your baby to you and take them out of the training room when they are done feeding. This enables both the nursing mother and others in attendance to maximize their workshop experience. Regretfully, we will have to ask people to leave if they are being disruptive or are unable to participate.

Is there ongoing support and training for doulas?

Yes, Birth Boot Camp is hosting a retreat every three years with the purpose of providing new information and helping Birth Boot Camp DOULAS and Instructors stay motivated and excited about their birth business. Fees are kept to a minimum. As an added perk, when you attend the Birth Boot Camp Retreat, your recertification paperwork is waived that year. You will not regret making an effort to be at every single Birth Boot Camp Retreat.  On a daily basis, the Advisory Board and Management Team, not to mention the other Birth Boot Camp DOULAS, are available to answer questions and provide support via Facebook and email.


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