Birth Boot Camp® Natural Childbirth Education Classes – Online and Instructor-


List of Instructors: Arkansas

City: Alma (including NWA and the River Valley)

Name: Beth Barber
My name is Beth Barber and I graduated college from Brigham Young University with a degree in Exercise Science, Fitness and Wellness. I have always been passionate about the human body and its endless capabilities. After graduation I married the man of my dreams and we have two beautiful little boys. My first was induced in the hospital with the use of an epidural, and my second was born at home after taking Birth Boot Camp classes. I breastfed both of my boys and loved the connection it brought us. I want couples to know that they have options and encourage them to learn what is available in order to make informed decisions. Through experience, I have recognized the importance education and preparation play in having the birth you want.

City: Northwest Arkansas
Name: Leah Trollinger
I'm a mother of two children and work as a recovery room nurse. My first birth, in 2007, was attended by a doula and an OB in the hospital where I work. My second birth, in 2009, was in the same hospital, but attended by a doula and CNM. My husband and I had prepared by taking natural childbirth classes and were able to achieve the natural birth we desired with both of our children. I first became interested in natural birth many years before the birth of my own children, when a close friend shared the story of her empowering natural births. This interest was then sparked again in 2006 when I had the privilege of attending a friend's home birth. I believe, and have seen first hand, that birth can be beautiful and empowering when you trust your body, have a strong support system, and take the initiative to be educated about your options. I am very excited to be a part of the Birth Boot Camp team and share my passion about natural birth with other couples by helping prepare them for an amazing birth.
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