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What is Pitocin?

What is Pitocin? First synthesized around 1953, Pitocin is now commonly used in labor and delivery both to begin or speed labor. It can also be used postpartum to stop excessive bleeding or hemorrhage, which can be life threatening if left untreated. While Pitocin is chemically the same as your body’s naturally produced oxytocin, there are some… Read more »

Birth Classes in Fort Worth, Texas

Birth Classes in Fort Worth, Texas Today we are excited to introduce Kelli Besancon, one of our Texas childbirth educators. Kelli is a mother of three, a childbirth educator, doula,  and a physical therapist. She is so talented and brings so much to each of her students. We are grateful to have her as part… Read more »

Birth Classes in Flower Mound, TX

Birth Classes in Flower Mound, TX We are excited to introduce you to Callie Corless, one of our Birth Boot Camp instructors. She teaches birth classes in Flower Mound, TX. Callie is a woman of many talents. From doula work to childbirth education, to prenatal fitness, she has so many skills that can help make… Read more »

Your Amazing Placenta

Your Amazing Placenta The word placenta is from the Greek for flat cake or flat plate, which is descriptive of the round, flattish organ created by pregnant women at the very beginning of pregnancy. With the bag of waters attached to the placenta and surrounding the baby, together they nourish and protect the baby for… Read more »

Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Maryland!

  Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Maryland Carmen Calvo is our incredible North East Regional trainer for Birth Boot Camp. Carmen will be hosting Birth Boot Camp instructor trainings in Baltimore, Maryland! We knew Carmen was special when we first met her in Houston a few years ago. She is an awesome resource in… Read more »

A Pregnant Woman’s Guide To Surviving the Holidays

A Pregnant Woman’s Guide To Surviving the Holidays It’s that time of year again- the holidays! The lights, the beauty, the excitement are all heightened when you are expecting a little one with whom you can soon enjoy all the Christmas traditions and fun. The holidays can also bring worry, busy schedules, and frequent access… Read more »

The Cascade of Interventions

The Cascade of Interventions If you are taking a childbirth class, you will inevitably hear the term, “cascade of interventions.” No, we aren’t talking about a waterfall or dishwasher soap that leaves your glasses sparkling. When it comes to childbirth, the cascade of interventions is a term used to describe how one intervention in birth… Read more »

5 Secrets to Breastfeeding Success

5 Secrets to Breastfeeding Success We have all heard about breastfeeding and the benefits it can have for baby. There are posters in hospitals and waiting rooms and WIC offices. Yet when it comes down to actually breastfeeding exclusively for the recommended six months (and six more after solids are started), success rates are low…. Read more »

Birth Classes on Whidbey Island, WA

Birth Classes on Whidbey Island, WA Today we will introduce you to Kim Graves. She was one of the incredible women who has taken our training. Now residing and teaching childbirth classes in Washington State on Whidbey Island, she is dedicated to helping women have better births no matter where she is. The choice to… Read more »