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What is Pitocin?

What is Pitocin? First synthesized around 1953, Pitocin is now commonly used in labor and delivery both to begin or speed labor.   It can also be used postpartum to stop excessive bleeding or  hemorrhage, which can be life threatening if left untreated. While Pitocin is chemically the same as your body’s naturally produced oxytocin, there […] Read more


Prodromal Labor- What Is It and What Can You Do About It?

You are 38 weeks pregnant. It is 10pm at night and your labor starts. YAY! Contractions are 7 minutes apart, steady and lasting about 45 seconds. They don’t feel like Braxton-Hicks contractions, so this must be the real thing! Steady, real, feeling like labor. This goes on until 2am when suddenly, everything stops. No contractions. […] Read more


From Epidurals To Home Birth- Meet Instructor Hailie in Abilene, TX

We are excited to share with you a series of articles highlighting our diverse group of birth instructors. These are the amazing women who are doing real work trying to make birth better for women and their families all over the world. Today we introduce Hailie Wolfe, a birth teacher in Abilene, TX, mother of […] Read more


Choosing To Support Natural Birth- One Doula’s Story

Today we are pleased to share a guest post from one of our amazing instructors, Tashina Benning-Witter, who both teaches and works as a doula in the Sacramento, CA area. Tashina does something a little different- she has started to take clients who are only planning a natural birth and are willing to take a […] Read more

Class 4

Class 4 Relaxation Exercise: Progressive Relaxation Dads, you have learned a few massage techniques from Birth Boot Camp Massage Therapist, Hannah Reasoner, this week. Try using them as you read through this exercise. As you mention the various parts of the body, gently massage the tension away.     Additional Resources Final preparations! This is […] Read more

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