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January 2014

UCSD “Doula of the Year” Awarded to Birth Boot Camp Instructor

H&H Award plaque

Birth Boot Camp has been honored to have so many amazing instructors who can be found across the country. Today we want to recognize one of them, Debbe Canonne. Debbe certified as an instructor in September at our San Clemente, CA training.  

Debbe volunteers as a doula with Heart & Hands, a volunteer doula program associated with the University of California in San Diego (UCSD). The UCSD Heart & Hands program strives to provide a doula for any woman who needs one birthing at their hospital. Debbe (who was also a doula at her own grandchild’s birth!) has volunteered for 675 hours with Heart and Hands and been present at a total of 42 births. Of those only 3 were cesarean sections, proof in and of itself that doulas are a powerful asset to a birth.   Read more

Postpartum Must Haves (That Nobody Mentions!)


Every woman who gives birth will deal with postpartum recovery.  Despite the universal nature of this time in our lives, we seem reluctant to talk about the realities of what happens and what we need to be more comfortable.  Here are a few items and tips that you won’t regret preparing before the birth of your baby.

Pads and Diapers

Of course you need some kind of diaper for your baby, but unbeknownst to most women is how helpful grown up diapers are for mom.  Women lose blood immediately after birth and it continues on for weeks.  The time and heaviness of postpartum blood loss (or lochia) varies from one woman to the next and is often heaviest with the first baby. Read more


Birth Boot Camp Statistics 2012-2013

Birth Boot Camp® childbirth classes strive to prepare couples for natural birth. In an effort to continually improve our curriculum and provide the absolute best education available, we seek feedback from our students.

Our instructors are required to compile statistics from their students. As a company, we spend many hours reaching out to our online students to find out how their births went and their thoughts on the class. We compile all of the information we receive and use it to make updates and improvements. Read more

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