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Breech Options – Guest Post by Lauren McClain

Unless you have or once had a breech baby, you probably aren’t even reading this first sentence. Breech is rarely on a woman’s radar because it is rare and, well, what is there really to know about an upside-down baby? Unfortunately, a lot of women get caught at the end of pregnancy with a surprise… Read more »

Transition From Couple to Family

Babies are truly amazing. They bring much joy into our lives. Babies have the ability to make you experience a love deeper than you have ever felt was possible. And given the fact you and your partner are responsible for this tiny and precious new life, makes the experience even more special. However, with all… Read more »

The Benefits of a Doula

What does a doula do?

The Benefits of a Doula Sometimes called a labor assistant, a doula is person who assists a woman in labor.  In recent years, doulas have become more popular and widespread. Research and personal experience show that a doula can be an integral part of a woman’s birth team, not only during labor but before and after. What… Read more »

Birthbootcamp x DressLands Floral Maxi Dress

Birthbootcamp x DressLands Floral Maxi Dress – Low Cut Back / Spaghetti Straps / V Neck Divine! This dress inspired by birthbootcamp x is subtly seductive. It drapes the body softly and luxuriously. The fabric is sheer and lightweight. This maxi floral dress is made from lined chiffon and is constructed and designed in… Read more »

5 Simple Reasons You Should Take a Birth Class

Anyone who has experienced the joy of pregnancy knows that as soon as that little blue line appears, so too does a seemingly endless list of expenses.  From the fun things, like decorating the nursery and buying baby clothes, to the more serious preparation for childbirth, everything just seems to add up.  Which, of course,… Read more »