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Protein rich snacks

Healthy, protein rich snacks are a pregnant woman’s BEST friend!

Why a live training?

We are so happy at the interest people have shown in becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor!  We have had people travel from all over the country to attend our instructor training workshops in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Often, we are asked why we don’t do “online instructor training.” We are a company specializing in natural birth… Read more »

Allow Your Baby to Choose His Own Birthday

Here at Birth Boot Camp we educate couples about the risks of induction and encourage allowing our babies to choose their own birthdays.

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant.

is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant? Pregnancy is a magical yet sometimes stressful time for growing families. We want to do what is best for our baby, but worry over whether or not normal activities are safe, abounds. First, consult your provider if you have any specific concerns. Now that we have said… Read more »

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Birth Boot Camp! As we look back on 2012, we saw an exciting year of growth and have much to be grateful for.  Birth Boot Camp launched in March of 2012 under the direction of our founder, Donna Ryan, and our Advisory Board.  We started offering the first, full series of… Read more »

What is Group B Strep (GBS)?

what is GBS (group b strep)

What is Group B Strep (GBS)? Group B Strep or GBS, is a bacteria that lives in the intestines, urinary and genital tracts of many healthy people. While normal in the gut for many adults, during childbirth, the baby can be exposed to GBS if it is present in other places in the mother’s body…. Read more »